Sophie Marritt

Walls of Jericho /Route 110
Still from Route 110, video: 22:39 on loop, 2016.
Route 110 - footage taken by phone camera on a bus journey from downtown Los Angeles to LAX. The camera response time is too slow to keep up with the passing roadside, cars and landscape beyond, giving the film a rhythmic pulsation of lamp posts, concrete verges, windows and palm trees. Played on a continuous loop.  Re-titled 'Walls of Jericho' after the Cabaret Voltaire track of the same name, and start of the journey to find a soundscape for the visual.
Route 110 showing in 'plenty of time to lose your balance' at Nunnsyard, Norwich, with Clare Jarrett, Barbara Howey and Molly Thomson..  Photo: Douglas Atfield. 
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