September .... A Roesel's bush-cricket at the Lincolnshire coast. The sound was recorded in the grass of the adjacent sand bank sea defence. The call is at around 20KHz so the recording is lowered to within audible range. Terns can also heard in the background.

September .... The sound of a bat  -  echolocating along the sand bank sea defence in Lincolnshire. There is also an insect possibly a cricket? The pitch is lowered and layered onto the original recording.

Getting Away!
Route110/Walls of Jericho is at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight for August and September.
FLIGHT  at 27A Muspole Street, Norwich                                                                                                              June
Film installation with painting and sound  - on the theme of flight.

 The sound of Loch a’ Chàirn Bhàin recorded with a hydrophone.           April
In order to hear the sounds between 10- 20 kHz the pitch is lowered by 2 octaves one minute into the recording. 
The Messenger
Still from The Messenger, video, 4:43.

The Messenger is showing at Norwich Castle Museum as part of the  East Anglian Art Fund Inheritance show, runs 03 Mar to 20 May.
Education ..
BA Fine Art - Norwich School of Art and Design now NUA
PhD Chemistry – University of East Anglia
BSc Molecular Biophysics - University of Leeds

2018     - Getting Away! at Arthouse1 Bermondsey, tours to Quay Arts Newport, Isle of Wight.
              - Inheritence, at Norwich Castle Open Art Show organized by East Anglia Art Fund.
2017     - APT Creekside Open, Selected by Alison Wilding.
2016     - Plenty of Time to Lose Your Balance at NUNNS YARD, Norwich.
              - OUTPOST Members’ Show, Selected by Lynda Morris & Chris Rawcliffe.
              - PING at The Minories, Colchester, Selected by Jeffrey Dennis.
2006     - Off at the former Eastern Electricity building, Norwich.
              - WYSIWYG, Galeria Fundacji F.A.I.T. Kraków, Poland

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